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Please put in your mind that, even if you have fantastic video content, you will never be able to maximize your views (and $$$) if you have plain and ugly thumbnails.

Professional Youtubers Understand this Very Well and Look at their Youtube Design :

Just check the thumbnails of famous youtubers and see how their thumbnails make you attracted, curious and even shocked. It looks so simple but that's one of their secret recipes to be successful. 

Now you know, if you  still do not use the right thumbnails, you will be left behind by other  youtubers. The worst thing is, you can even be beaten by the new competitors who know how to use the right thumbnails.

Unfortunately, for those with little or no designing skill, creating an attractive thumbnail can be very confusing and complicated with these TWO "painful" alternatives to choose :

1. Wasting your time to learn about designing thumbnails using complicated software 

Using photoshop or another designing software will require a lot of your time. Even when you have already learned the necessary basic skills, if you  do not have the sense of art, the result will not be as what have been expected.

2. Keep paying $$$ for Youtube Thumbnail Design Service 

Paying $$$ for someone to design your youtube thumbnail is the fastest and easiest thing to get the thumbnails you want. The problem is, if you keep doing it, you will surely spend a lot of money.

I know, both alternatives are not interesting AT ALL. So, What if I say that there's third alternative to solve your problem?

Thumbnail Monster is a design package that consists of 300+ youtube thumbnail templates (in powerpoint format) that are ready to be edited in order to create UNLIMITED number of professional and attractive thumbnails to explode your video traffic.

Please use Coupon Code "tm02" to get $2 OFF

The best thing about Thumbnail Monster is : to create ONE ATTRACTIVE YOUTUBE THUMBNAIL, you ONLY need  . . .


Here’s what you get when buying Thumbnail Monster :

300+ editable youtube thumbnail templates (in powerpoint format)

Simply choose templates inside Thumbnail Monsters and do three steps to create UNLIMITED attractive youtube thumbnails

  • Without Designing Skill
  • Without Photoshop
  • Without Monthly Fee


Thumbnail Monster Demo :

Still Have Doubt?
We will never ask you to judge us on our own words. However, you might find all your answers by checking what others say about Thumbnail Monster as follows: 

Why Should You Buy Thumbnail Monster ?

Complete Package

More than 300 editable youtube thumbnail templates to ease you in creating youtube thumbnails

Easier and Faster

No need to spend much time when designing because there are only 3 steps needed to get one attractive youtube thumbnails

No Photoshop & Designing Skill

If you can use powerpoint, you are guaranteed to be able to use thumbnail monster. No complicated software and skill needed.

The best part is, the developer right is included in Thumbnail Monster Package, which means : You are allowed to use Thumbnail Monsters in your own projects and also your clients' project for additional $$$ 

By getting the developer license, you do not only have right to use the edited template for your video/channel BUT ALSO for your clients' projects. You can sell your edited youtube thumbnail design in your chosen marketplace, including Fiverr. 

The simple three steps of using Thumbnail Monster enables you to create eye-catching thumbnail quicker so, you can even offer the finished-in-24-hours service, which is more expensive than regular service. Just Grab Thumbnail Monster and START your own youtube thumbnail design business.

After seeing the quality of templates inside Thumbnail Monster, you must have thought that the price will "rob" you, BUT don't you worry! because Thumbnail Monster is offered at very affordable price :

Hurry! The Price Increases Every Sale!

Thumbnail Monster

Please use Coupon Code "tm02" to get $2 OFF

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Try the product for 7 (seven) Days and if you’re not satisfied with what you have in the download area, please contact us and explain the reason so we may refund your money.

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Please use Coupon Code "tm02" to get $2 OFF

If you're still reading, there's probably a good reason. If your instincts are telling you that this is a good idea, you can feel safe in trusting them and giving this a go. This is the ultimate product you need if you are serious in not being left behind in the competition and start exploding your youtube traffic 


Ivana The, Nidlomuddin Ar Raffii & Muhammad Ilham

FAQ (Fequently Asked Questions)

Which version of powerpoint is required to start using this package?
This package works in all versions of powerpoint, but it is highly recommended to use at least powerpoint 2010 for better result

Can I sell the edited templates in Fiverr and other marketplaces? 
Yes. You are allowed to sell the edited templates in any marketplaces you want.

Can I use the templates to sell my service? 
Yes. After editing the templates, feel free to sell your edited templates to your clients

I still have questions. How do I Contact you? 
Got more questions? Feel free to contact me by clicking “Contact Us ” Link Below

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