Finally, The Product Waited for So Long by Internet Marketers . . .

Utilizing 700+ PowerPoint Templates and 3D Assets to Create Powerful Launches

there are 3 common ways to CREATE GRAPHICS FOR YOUR LAUNCH:

Design from Scratch

This is the most difficult way to have the graphics, because there are so many things needed to spend. The sure thing is your time and energy. Then, if there's something wrong in the process, you will need to buy additional stuffs, which will take much of your money 🙁

Hire Freelancer to Design

This way is easier than design from scratch because you will spend less time and energy. The thing is, hiring good freelancer will cost you a lot.

Buying Graphic Templates

This is the best one, because there will be no more time and energy spent. The graphic is already existed, just need some edits and ready to be used. The problem is, the ready-to-use high quality design templates are very expensive

Every Way Has Its Own Weakness, Especially When The Graphics Cost Like These :



Product Launch Kit consists of 700+ Product Launch Templates and 3D Assets :


24 Ecover Templates

21 Ecover Mockups

60 Lead Magnet Banners

24 Leaderboard Banners

10 Mockup Banners

60 Personal Branding Banners

36 Social Headers

120 Launch Countdown Banners

15 Special Promo Banners

400+ 3D Assets

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Product Launch Kit

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Try the product for 7 (Seven) Days and if you’re not satisfied with this product, please contact me and explain the reason. If I can not solve the problems, I will refund your money. As the friendly reminder, after the refund, you have no right and license to use this product


I urge you NOT to leave this page if you want to create attractive marketing kits for your amazing launches. This is the answer for your long-time request of High Quality Graphics so, don’t let yourself miss this rare opportunity by leaving this page empty-handed. Just in case you decide to come back later, your doubt will cost you more because the price will be at normal price after the launch week

Product Launch Kit consists of 700+ Product Launch Templates and 3D Assets :
24 Ecover Templates, 21 Ecover Mockups, 60 Lead Magnet Banners, 24 Leaderboard Banners, 10 Mockup Banners, 60 Personal Branding Banners, 36 Social Headers, 120 Launching Countdown Banners and 15 Special Promo Banners. 

The Best Thing is, All Templates Can be Easily Edited Using 100% PowerPoint 

You can edit it using Powerpoint. I recommend you to use at least Powerpoint 2013 for better result

Your license is Developer. Please visit here to see the detail of the license

The fonts are not mine so, please read the license if you plan to use/download it. You can simply access them all in Google Font

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